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About Jim


Father of two, husband of one and my wife, Mel, nagged me to start the Lazy Guide to Travel because she was bored of reading overly energetic holiday reviews where people climbed mountains, hiked over sand dunes or backpacked around Europe whilst looking suspiciously immaculate and Instagram-worthy.

Where’s the blog for … you know … normal people who are always running late for the flight, pitch up with a half-packed bag and a half-formed plan, and who generally make it all up as they go along?

Well, that’s here. That’s me.

Am I a professional travel blogger? Hahaha no, not by a long shot.

I mean, sure, I’d like to be a travel blogger, but I’d also like to be Daniel Craig and perhaps also like to be a billionaire, but liking something sadly doesn’t make it so.

Sadly, if you’ll read through these pages, you’ll just find my disconnected thoughts about places Mrs B and I have been to and enjoyed – despite our lack of aforementioned planning.